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What's wrong with social now


Mark has given up on Facebook to focus on the Metaverse.


Elon is burning Twitter to the ground after making a $44 billion mistake.


Just a federated and open source remake of Twitter with the same core problems.


All filters and no substance. Actively harmful to its users.


TikTok has won the dopamine wars by far the most addictive social media app.


LinkedIn is a cringe factory.

Get off that dopamine hamster wheel

no perverse incentives

get out of your bubble

no engineered tension/division

don't do it for the likes

You are not the product

No dark patterns

Free account tier

no more ads

sustainable business model

Context is everything

Take it one day at a time, then zoom out to see the whole thing

Share your biggest goals, and all your accomplishments

Make more meaningful connections

Surface higher quality content from friends and the community